Power workout playlist and TOP 5! A touch of dubstep

To get at a peak-state of mind while working out whether it’s at the gym or at the studio doing your powerpole warmup or choreography – HERE is the ultimate playlist.

It’s my absolute favourite when I’m feeling a bit lazy or distracted.

Top 5 songs of the playlist 

  1. Sierra Leone – Mt.Eden, Freshly Ground.
    Start your workout with this song, it’s building up in a great way that can’t get your mindset to stay where you were.
  2. Whiskers, Original Mix – Feed Me, Gemini.
    For poledancing this beat is absolute amazing, so many drops and good moments to start a reversegrab or handspring. If not poledancing (yet) – go run with this song!
  3. Take it All – Modestep, Koven.
    Can your body take all of the tough work out? It probably can but how about your mind? This song helps you keep it up.
  4. Make it Bun Dem – Skrillex, Damian Marley.
    When you really want to listen to some kind of reagge but without chilling, haha. This one is IT!
  5. Ghosts n Stuff – deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire.
    End with this, it’s keeps going for about 7 minutes – so when you are tired or feel like quitting, the song won’t let you. 

    Go do them power workouts!