TO READ: The 25 Principles of Success

How to get from Where you Are to where you want to Be – The 25 Principles of Success by Jack Canfield.

I bought this book in Hamburg this summer when going to the airport.
It’s one of those books where I have underlined important sentences and foulded a lot of edges to remember. In other words, this is definitely a book worth reading – at least once!

If you’d like to move forward, reach a goal (or maybe set a goal), understand why you didn’t reach a goal at a certain point – this book will give you the answere. A lot of clear insights, tips and tricks to manage yourself and your vision. It’s about taking responsibility and being your own success, believing and seeing.
Unlike a lot of other books – this one gives you a lot of examples on how to take action with different tools and exercises.


”If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise” Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance.


HERE you can read more about the author and get some free material. Enjoy!




Poledance: Elbow handstand variation, combo

Did a really fun combo! It was a mistake in the beginning, I was working on my balance with handstand by pole – I didn’t want to fall down so I hooked on my knee and suddenly a perfect position for elbow handstand had appeared.






Poledance: Spinny combo, music and app tip!

Here is a little and fun combo to play with on spinny.

Love the song: Lana Del Rey – High by the beach. Old but gold!

Lomotif is an app: music-video maker.

You don’t need to buy the music on itunes, you can use 15 seconds of music from their library.

I often buy songs or record videos with loud music on. As a complement, I really like this app – you can try different combos with different music.