Thoughts about lifestyle and habits, question the usual!

I think it’s important, in all areas of life, to question the ”usual” or the ”normal”.
It may not always be necessary or result in changing a behavior, but what if we realize that we actually have no idea or good reason for doing things how we are doing them – and there is a better way?

OK some examples to make it clear:

Should I take aspirin if I have a headache, or maybe drink water and think about what the real problem for this headache is, not the symptom?

Should I watch the news everynight or may I spend that time in a better mode reading the headlines later? Do I really need to know?

What if failing is the best thing I can do, because THAT actually means I’m learning what’s right – so the school could really use some major changing in the system of tests/learning?

Is it really meant for us to work specific hours a week 8am to 5pm – Monday to Friday?

Don’t take the easy way out, by just doing and going.

Stop and think about your habits. Question them.

The worst thing that could happen, is you realize everything you are doing is in perfect match with what you want to become or how you want to live.

The best thing that could happen, is that you start changing your life.