My cooperation with Raymond Ahlgren

Now it’s official! I will be working with Raymond and his courses, events, workshops and seminars about lifestyle and personal development.

”Personal Development” is an expression with different meaning to everyone. The purpose of personal development in this context is to, plain and simple, find your happiness and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

You are your own creator.
For example, there will always be things going on in the outer world that affects you. Stuff that make you sad, angry, upset or whatever emotion is triggered. And that’s healthy, to a point – I mean feelings are feelings and they’re there for a reason. But if you let it get to you, and then blame the situations for your unhappiness or unfulfilled life – then you become a victim, even though the power of your hapiness is in your hands.

It’s also about raising your standards, taking care of what you have.

To get a greater grip of it all, listen to Raymonds talk at P1 a few years ago – it’s top notch and you may learn a lot! You can find it HERE.

I’m really looking forward to all the workshops, seminars and courses – and sharing it with you. Hopefully I’ll meet you there!


Personal development – a free onlinecourse

Vi tränar våra kroppar. Hur tränar vi våra sinnen?
Sedan jag började med personlig utveckling för drygt ett år sedan så har jag insett otroligt mycket om mig själv – t ex. hur svårt jag hade att göra ett s.k ”agreement” för att bygga förtroende mellan mig och mig själv, hålla mitt ord.

Det handlar om 5-10 minuter per dag (alltså det är löjligt lite) som du ska klocka och göra det du bestämt dig för, varje dag. Det tog många månader innan jag förstod vikten med övningen och faktiskt gjorde det viktigt att hålla mitt ord, till mig själv.

Min resa inom personlig utveckling gör jag med Raymond Ahlgrens kursmaterial.
Han har en Gratis onlinekurs på 4 dagar som jag tycker ALLA borde gå. Oavsett var i livet man befinner sig, personlig utveckling är en färskvara. Ta hand om den! HÄR anmäler du dig.



Make your dream come true – 3 simple steps.

If you are gonna go from A to B – you will need to know where that B is for you, right?
If you don’t start, you will get stuck – or just move a little to the side for someone else to get ahead of you – or maybe you will follow their path because is seems easy to just, follow…

But you are not that one. You will make your own path – to your goal.
Here are a few tips.

Step 1 – Figure out where you want to go. What is your desire, your goal, your dream?
Maybe it is traveling to a specific destination, getting your health on top, building a free lifestyle etc.

Step 2 – Get started! There is almost never an easy way. You can do your research, create an action plan to keep it simple and talk about getting there – but nothing will matter unless you just get started.

Step 3 – Keep going. This one can really be a challenge, simply keep going until you’re there. Even though it might make you change your direction a little bit, the road might have changed from how it was when you started. But there will always be a way.
Keep your head up – and always look forward to achieving your dreams.