Poledance: inverted aysha ball – the struggle!

Soooo lately I’ve been working my ARM off, I literally had to stop practicing this trick because it hurt so much haha. (But still I love it!)

Luckily we have a crash-mat, so the struggle is pretty smooth. I saw my friend and founder of STHLM POLE do this trick.

From aysha you move your legs to the same side of the pole, while letting them down closer to your upperbody, move your neck onto the pole and bend the lower arm.
Let the legs go under the arm which you have the grip on the pole with – then you should be able to let the lower arm get up and connect with the other hand.
Sounds simple right?
I will post a video as soon as I have managed this.



(Last picture: the nearest I have been to making my ”own” move in poledance. haha…)