Poppa loss med Nonstop, Dytto och Poppin John – Classic!

Hej på er! Jag hoppas ni alla har det fint hos er. Hittade detta sköna klipp med tre sjukt bra dansare. Spana in klippet så förstår ni!

För egen del när det ska dansas så brukar jag visualisera mig runt tvåhundra gånger bättre än vad jag kan prestera på dansgolvet. Spana in klippet så får ni se hur jag tror att jag ser ut när jag dansar. I själva verket är det totala motsatsen. Men jag kämpar. Men seriöst! Får man verkligen vara så bra på att poppa och lokka som dessa. Hatten av!



Song: Deadmau5 – Raise your weapon

I LOVE dubstep. It’s really hard to poledance to though, often the music feels too powerful and your moves are like, naah – just not as explosive, yet at least.

HERE you will



Power workout playlist and TOP 5! A touch of dubstep

To get at a peak-state of mind while working out whether it’s at the gym or at the studio doing your powerpole warmup or choreography – HERE is the ultimate playlist.

It’s my absolute favourite when I’m feeling a bit lazy or distracted.

Top 5 songs of the playlist 

  1. Sierra Leone – Mt.Eden, Freshly Ground.
    Start your workout with this song, it’s building up in a great way that can’t get your mindset to stay where you were.
  2. Whiskers, Original Mix – Feed Me, Gemini.
    For poledancing this beat is absolute amazing, so many drops and good moments to start a reversegrab or handspring. If not poledancing (yet) – go run with this song!
  3. Take it All – Modestep, Koven.
    Can your body take all of the tough work out? It probably can but how about your mind? This song helps you keep it up.
  4. Make it Bun Dem – Skrillex, Damian Marley.
    When you really want to listen to some kind of reagge but without chilling, haha. This one is IT!
  5. Ghosts n Stuff – deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire.
    End with this, it’s keeps going for about 7 minutes – so when you are tired or feel like quitting, the song won’t let you. 

    Go do them power workouts!