21 days Yoga Challenge completed

21 days Yoga Challenge completed. I’ve finally completed a Yoga challenge and I am over the moon. My body has transformed and I feel strong in my core. 

January started off in rocket speed. On Jan 1st I joined a 21 days Yoga Challenge by Ariella Karuna Yoga through her Instagram. For 21 days I fulfilled a promise to myself, that no matter what, I would find time to invest in myself and my practice.

It’s a special thing, to spend 30 min on the mat and to be just in the moment. My head is so easily jammed with so many things that I honestly struggle to be in the now.

After 21 days of making Yoga a habit, my body started to change in so many positive ways. For example, my neck pain went away, the pain in my lower back disappeared, I started walking and sitting with a straighter back and my upper body felt more toned. I feel strong, and I love it.

I did, however, take a brake from Yoga after 21 days, and haven’t been on the mat for 9 days. I find myself getting out of a habit very easily, take this Yoga challenge for example, but to make it a part of my everyday routine I need to stop seeing it as a challenge and instead seeing it as a necessity for me to function properly. Once I start thinking like that, my body and mind will automatically connect Yoga to a happier lifestyle, and that’s what I believe is the way to go about anything that has to do with getting in and out of habits that make us feel good.