A story of the mountains magic fresh air against diseases.

I spent this weekend in Tärnaby neraby the mountains with my dear friend Frida (we’re keepin it simple, same name).
We wasn’t going skiing this time but went for long walks on the lake covered by a thick layer of ice.
It was rather cold but I appreciated it a lot, it was refreshing. Also when the sun showed, it was even more welcome.

So I though a lot about the mountains fresh air and their great benefits for our health.

On my last job I had a customer stationed neraby the mountains of Åre, who told me a great story why they moved up there from Stockholm.
Their newborn baby (by then, a few years back) was having big troubles with asthma – they visited the hospital several times every week.
Some time went and they decided to go for a vacation in the mountains to enjoy each others company and ”get away” for a while. What they discovered was that their baby had absolute no symptoms of the asthma – because the air was so fresh and less contaminated.

Their descision afterwards was easy to move up north.

Probably, we all should be free from many kinds of symptoms by different diseases if we only could breath fresh, uncontaminated air – every day…