Photoshoot: Poledance Wear

Last week was intense, crazy much – and I love it! There is happening a lot with our new poledance brand and last week we had our first photoshoot. It was a lot of fun and if all goes well I will be able to show you the results this week – can’t wait! The models did an awesome job. It’s not that easy to hold on to your poletrick for as many seconds needed to get a great shot, also you must get the right angle, so we ran an adjusted eachother whenever the trick was all set but wrong direction from camera and lights.

Right now we are working on the website, to get all set up before the pictures arrive. There might be a trip to Germany this summer, I will tell you more about that later.

Starting a business and creating a brand, is the best journey I have ever started but also the most challenging and tough one. It’s a relief that soon, we can show the results for you.







Sneak Peek of our clothing!

So the best way I can describe this journey, creating a new brand for sport clothing, is like a blood sugar curve (while eating A LOT of sugar).
At one point, we are so exited, happy, and proud! And the next day (or second) we are hitting rock bottom wondering how the hell we are gonna make everything happen.

Dedication to hard work and problem solving seems to be IT – the one thing you need to always have and never doubt on.

We are getting closer and closer, each day. Can’t wait!