Bruce träningsapp – all träning, ett medlemskap

Bruce träningsapp

Jag har blivit med Bruce träningsapp.

Bruce träningsapp


Bruce träningsapp

Hur mycket träning som helst att välja bland.

Bruce träningsapp

Idag blev det Bikramyoga här.

Bruce träningsapp

Jag har precis börjat använda Bruce träningsapp. Och den är amazing! Du laddar ner appen och får tillgång till en uppsjö av träningsanläggningar. Crossfit, dans, kampsport, racketsport, yoga, cykling, gym, klättring, simning och en massa annat skoj som till exempel Bounce i Kungens Kurva. (Jo, även Göteborg erbjuder Bruce-träning.)

Bokningen sker enkelt via appen och du checkar in på studion eller gymmet genom att scanna en QR-kod. Supersmidigt och väldigt prisvärt, 690 kronor i månaden utan bindningstid. Och då får du träna obegränsat! (Om du använder koden karinr1 när du signar upp dig får du dessutom 100 kronor rabatt).

Idag körde jag en bikramklass på Bikram Yoga Östermalm. Galet jobbigt, svettigt och helt fantastiskt härligt. Jag  kan verkligen rekommendera den studion. Fräscht, snyggt och proffsigt rakt igenom.

Vill du kolla in Bruce kan du läsa mer HÄR. Nu ska jag dricka ikapp (ja, vatten) och ladda för morgondagens löppass. Kram och skön kväll på er!


/I samarbete med Bruce

Bruce träningsapp

Super tough, sweaty and absolutely wonderful! Love Bikram!

Bruce training app – all your training, one membership

I have just started using Bruce training app. And it’s amazing! You download the app and get access to a multitude of training facilities. Crossfit, dance, martial arts, racket sports, yoga, cycling, gym, climbing, swimming and a lot of other fun stuff such as Bounce in Kungens Kurva. (Yes, Göteborg also offers Bruce training.)

Booking is easy via the app and you check in at the studio or the gym by scanning a QR code. Easy and very affordable, 690 SEK per month without binding. And then you can work out unlimited! (If you use the code karinr1 when signing up, you will also receive a 100 SEK discount).

Today I tried a bikram class at Bikram Yoga Östermalm. Super tough, sweaty and absolutely wonderful! I can really recommend that studio. Fresh, clean and professional straight through.

Would you like to check out Bruce, you can read more about the app HERE. Now I’m going to drink lots of water and prepare for tomorrow’s run. Hugs and happy evening, y’all!


/In collaboration with Bruce


Bloom Yoga Bags – the recycled yoga bag made out of teabags

When I first came across Bloom Yoga Bags my first thought was wait, made out of teabags? This I have to see for myself. Once I had my own BlooM Ragbag yoga bag in my hands, I immediately felt how strong the material was. But I wanted to test it to see if it lived up to its expectations.

Bloom Yoga Bags - the yoga bag made out of teabags

Bloom Yoga Bags – Ragbag

I started using the bag with me to different yoga practices, sometimes I walked around with it during rain, but the material is incredibly water-resistant so I did not have to worry about water soaking through and ruining my yoga mat.

I already thought the look of it was pretty cool, you won’t come across this natural design anywhere. I felt like I wanted to know more about the company and the brand so I read a little about them on their homepage and this is what I found out.

Bloom Yoga Bags ragbag

Bloom Yoga Bags ragbag

Turns out, Bloom Yoga Mats are made out of recycled materials and only natural fibers by local initiatives for a great cause – to help communities in developing areas in India. Not only is the yoga bag good for the environment but it also benefits the local workers. I love products that help people living in poorer neighborhoods, especially when their work benefits them. It’s a win win and it strengthens the morale in these parts of the world.

How the bag is actually made is even more incredible. Tamil Nadu is a province in the South of India and this is where the yoga bags are being produced. Bloom Yoga collaborates with an organisation called Raghu, in which ”ragpickers” collect big teabags from different restaurants, hotels and tea factories and bring them to a collaborating rooftop factory, from there these teabags are recycled into bags and accessories. One of those bags is the BlooM Ragbag yoga bag which I’m happy to have a copy of. These bags tick every box, and they’re also incredibly comfortable.

Have read about them on their website

Bloom Yoga