Erika Frost

Setting the pace for 2017

Hi there!

I hope that you’ve had a great Christmas and New Years. I certainly did, spending it with the love of my life. The year ended better than I could ever have imagined with HIM asking me to marry him. So with us moving to Gothenburg temporarily, starting a new huge project (more about this soon), running the two restaurants and planning our wedding in september, its going to be another busy year.

So we decided to start it of as slow as possible, spending a day and night at the gorgeous Yasuragi, in Hasseludden just outside Stockholm. It was first time at Yasuragi for both me and Jonas (actually his second time at a spa) and we both loved it, loved everything about it. The atmosphere, the service, the spa, the rooms, the food, the staff. The whole place and its surroundings is oozing of peacefulness and that was just what we needed. We came early, before check in-time and went straight to the spa. After a few hours of chillaxing in the pools we were hungry and had a great snack in their raw bar, trying a few sweets, a savory mushroom pie and a fermented cashew yoghurt.
After that we tried their sauna ritual, called Shiro Zumi, meaning ”the white charcoal”. Amanda, our spa attendant, first told us the whole story abouyt the charcoal and its history, then she guided us beautifully through the whole ritual which included both dry and steam sauna, breathing exercises, cold showers and lots of charcoal. We scrubbed ourselves with it, inhaled it and even drank it. The whole experience was both energizing and very relaxing, so I left the spa feeling amazing.

We checked in and noticed that our shower was leaking. Not leaking, the whole thing fell of the wall leaving us unable to take a shower. They couldn´t fix it the same day, so they moved us insted, giving us a suite. Amazing room, with a big bathtub in wood and a huge balcony. Not so sorry about that.

Moving on to dinner we where as always a bit nervous as we’re both vegans and quite often there not so many choices, if they even understand the term vegan. They did and served us a 4-course meal, in which every single dish was delicious. Tempura sushi, sweeet potato and mushroom filled wontons, miso-marinated portabello with grilled gem sallad and sea buckthorn sorbet with deep fried noodles as a dessert. Breakfast was just as good, leaving us with lots of options. Oatghurt, müsli, nuts and seeds, lots of fruit, berries, smoothies, avocado, hummus and plenty of greens. Most of it organic. After breakfast we had another quick visit to the spa before checking out.

24 hours of pure bliss, I can warmly recommend everyone a visit to Yasuragi.

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