Alright, it’s been quite quiet here since i got back from Sri Lanka. The reason is (it’s been windy every single day since i got back home, so spent all my free time on the water). But I also started my summer work. Since years now i’ve been working extra durring holidays like christmas, easter ext. and summer holidays at Surfers Paradise in Varberg. I couldn’t ask for a better work, so happy to be a part of the surfers family!

But – still. I will try my best to get back on track here!

So let’s take a look back. As some of you know, i made a juice cleanse around 2 months ago now! After the juice cleanse i started eat full on vegan… for a while.

Meanwhile in Sri lanka, it was a bit difficult to eat completely vegan where we stayed for the first 2,5 weeks. I tried my best but after lots of kiteing i really needed more protein than what I got served on my little plate of fruits and veggies! We stayed out in nowhere and the accommodation was all inclusive (breakfast, lunch & dinner).. I still manage to stay totally vegetarian during the hole trip. ( I also had a few mars chocolate bars, hehe. )

And the time that has passed I realize it’s a bit hard to cut off two things. 1. honey 2. cheese.

I use honey in most things ,sallads, on bread (gluten free and so on ofc), cooking and more. And cheese (sometimes) because it’s hard to eat out on a restaurant without adding cheese and I love cheese.

Besides that. No Gluten, no milk, no meat, chicken and so on. But i do feel a lot better, still testing new things and time will tell if there will be something els my body is missing.

Im happy and I’m feeling fair to myself. We shouldn’t be to hard on ourselves :)

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From the supermarket. ( food for the day ;) )

Love / J-C

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