Day 5 / The beginning

It’s been 2 days since i finished my juice cleanse and…

My last juice day went smooth and easy, maybe because I knew it was the last day!

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BUT! just because the juice days is over dosen´t mean that it’s ”back to normal” or how it was before. Not because I was eating unhealthy before or anything. Its time to take it to the next level.

Dani my juice maker is a expert and told me its extra important to not eat gluten, pasta (or other half fabric), olive oil, meat, fish, milk and more.. (eat like a vegan is easier to say).

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First week is extra important after a juice cleanse because the first week your’e body lose a lot of water and second week fat. Well as i said in the beginning my goal is not to lose weight but to get into a more vegan lifestyle and choose only good and healthy food for my body.

The biggest different so far is that i don’t feeling so hungry all the time and I don´t feel like eating any sugar.

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I believe it was the perfect timing to do the cleanse. By thinking about it for such a long time and slowly going from growing up with swedish traditional food to stop with milk and eat more vegetarian food and now -> Treat my body with only the best food that fits my body the best! I’m feeling fantastic! Thank’s Dani for the help!

And so the journey continues, this is only the beginning ;)

XX / J-C

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