Day 4 – ZzZzZzz

Yesterday was day 4 on my juice cleanse and the worst day.

Kicked off the morning with 1 hour surf session between juice no.1 (9:00) and second (11:00). If i only knew that i would..

sleep between 2nd (11:00) and 3rd (13:00) juice, and also between 3rd and 4th (15:00).. And also between 4th and 5th (17:00)

Haha yes you can almost call it a day right there.. My sleeping and very exhausted body was to tied to make this blogpost yesterday after my last juice at 19:00.

Lets summarize the day with ZZzzzZZZzZZZz…IMG_4961


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And detoxing is not always so beautiful even if the juices looks delicious. They are also quite strong to the tummy are ofc ment to clean the inside.. And yesterday my tummy started working on the cleaning… the rest you might can figure out ;)

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Besides that. I feeling happy in my body even if I feel weaker and more tied that usual. I don’t feel bad of laying down. Witch I think is very good for me, I’m always running around doing things. I never really sit still and do nothing.


Today is my last day of juicing (day 5).

I just had my first juice around a hour ago and when i woke up this morning 7:30 i felt full of energy and ready for another day of juiceing.

And right now. I wouldn’t mind doing a 7 days juice detox… But first.. Let’s take one juice ahead ;)

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X X / J-C

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