Day 2 – tips, thoughts and goals.

Day 2 – feeling awesome

But let’s start with yesterday. Yesterday was my first day of juice cleaning and i have to say it all went much better than i expected, even if I still had to pie over 10 times durring the day but when I went to sleep I felt relaxed, not hungry at all and happy in my tummy!


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When it’s Juice o’clock:






and 19:00

Just had my last juice for today and so far its gone smooth even today, even if i expected to stay in bed all day after my physiotherapy this morning but I’ve been feeling great and happy all day, the best thing is that i get a little hungry around 5-10 minutes before my next smoothie witch is perfect timing.

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So my trips and thoughts so far to you how thinking about doing a juice cleansing.

My goal is not to lose weight, even if most people do. But I hope i will feel more fresh in my skin and body afterwards. So know your reason why you are doing it! 

And you really have to like the juices you drink. If not, it’s gonna be really hard, especielly if you doing a 5 or 7 days juicing.

Stay motivated, 5 days can feel like a short time but also as a very long time. It’s important to stay motivated (thats why you should have a clear vision why you doing it).

Doing it yourself? important to do a lot of reachers before, so you get all the protein your body needs.

And.. Its a lot of work, lucky i have Dani that is making all my juices every morning and delivering it to me. So if there is someone els doing it for you, make sure its professional or someone how knows.

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And to my goals..

Why i think my last 3 days will go smooth is because (of the previous reasons) and because I want to eat more vegan in the future. Why that..

Since a year or two back i pay a lot of attention to what i put into my body, what makes my tummy happy or sad. And I decided that it’s not worth to eat ”cheap food” or junk food because it makes my tummy upset, I get more lazy, angry and grumpy if i eat bad food. And same with alcohol, i drink less and less and now almost never. I don’t like to taste of it, i don´t feel happy when I’m drunk and it makes my body feels like %&”# for days. And after 23 years I’m over it, I want to quite everything that makes my body unhappy.

But as for many others the temptation or the craving is always there around the corner but it won’t be there forever if I make my decision.

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