Erika Frost

Mindfulness – To be here and now.

Being in the present, here an now,  why is it so hard? Thoughts are wandering off, dreaming about the future, thinking about the past. Planning for tomorrow.. You know. Being present is one of the biggest challenges in life, and it actually requires focus and hard work. I do my best to practise mindfulness everyday, in different ways and here are a few of my best tips:

Animals and nature Being close to nature is grounding. Empty the head of thoughts and just breath. Inhale, exhale. I’m lucky to be surrounded by miles and miles of green acres and animals such as horses and cows. My neighboor has horses that we take care of during summer and today I was out walking (running) with one of them in the forest. Amazing feeling and we both loved it. He’s a youngster though and very strong so we need to have a serious chat about manners. Haha! Anyway – nature and animals makes it easier to stay in the present.



Colouring books Did you think colouring books were for kids? Think again. I love these books and its an excellent way to reset your mind.



Yoga Yoga is such a great tool for both focusing your mind and strengthening your body. Its’s not about cool poses, handstands and bending your limbs in impossible ways, it’s rather about bending your mind. I’m never happier and more balanced when I practise yoga on a daily basis. In November/December I’m going back to Kao Lhak with Rosa Skrot and Maria Rizell Hegg for two raw food and yoga retreats, there’s still spaces available – read more here


Sunrise yoga in Kao Lhak with Maria Rizell Hegg


Cooking You didn’t see that one coming – did you? :) This is where I completely lose track of time and forget about everything else. Cooking is my meditation but also my therapy. If I had to chose one thing to do for the rest of my life it would be developing new recipes. Or travel.. Or practise yoga… or maybe drink wine ;) Haha – luckily I don’t have to chose.

photo by: Angelica Zander

Photo by: Angelica Zander

What is your best tips on being in the present?


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