Poledance: Allegra

Har haft riktigt bra pole-sessions på slutet, det börjar lossna efter skadan i november.
Allegra är ett trix som legat och skvalpat när jag varit stel i hamstrings, så nu när den sitter är steg två att jobba ännu mer på rörligheten i ryggen för att nå foten med den nedre armen… wopa!



Poledance: Handspring

En milstolpe i poledance, handspring. Den satt för något år sedan och där efter var tanken att klara iron X och sedan human flag. Det går sakta med steg 2 och 3! Hellre sakta än stilla i alla fall. Tränar balans och mage med olika variationer i handspring, pencil, ben böjda, ben raka – sedan ned från trixet ”genom” iron x.



Stretch your back, PT:1

Dags att bli rörligare i ryggen? Här är 4 övningar att börja med redan idag!

  1. Händer axelbrett isär, pressa bäckenet mot golvet och likaså fötternas ovansida. Sträva med blicken bakåt/uppåt.

2.Pressa hälarna i marken och huvudet mot knän. Dra in naveln och sträva efter rak rygg.

3.Samma som övning 2 men denna gång med pointade tår för stretch av framsida.

4.Upp i brygga, benen skall vara raka, försök att trycka vikten ”framåt” mot händerna och axlarna.

5.”Barnets position” i Yogan, andas djupa andetag och låt ryggen sträcka ut.

Kör hårt!


Samples, samples and samples!

Varje dag tar oss närmare mot releasen av klädmärket – är SÅ peppad!
I veckan har vi bokat studio för fotografering, webben byggs och årsredovisningen skall göras inom den närmsta tiden. Längtar tills jag får visa er mer…


Sneak Peek of our clothing!

So the best way I can describe this journey, creating a new brand for sport clothing, is like a blood sugar curve (while eating A LOT of sugar).
At one point, we are so exited, happy, and proud! And the next day (or second) we are hitting rock bottom wondering how the hell we are gonna make everything happen.

Dedication to hard work and problem solving seems to be IT – the one thing you need to always have and never doubt on.

We are getting closer and closer, each day. Can’t wait!


Poledance: inverted aysha ball – the struggle!

Soooo lately I’ve been working my ARM off, I literally had to stop practicing this trick because it hurt so much haha. (But still I love it!)

Luckily we have a crash-mat, so the struggle is pretty smooth. I saw my friend and founder of STHLM POLE do this trick.

From aysha you move your legs to the same side of the pole, while letting them down closer to your upperbody, move your neck onto the pole and bend the lower arm.
Let the legs go under the arm which you have the grip on the pole with – then you should be able to let the lower arm get up and connect with the other hand.
Sounds simple right?
I will post a video as soon as I have managed this.



(Last picture: the nearest I have been to making my ”own” move in poledance. haha…)


Todays workplace and a little SNEAK-peak of our coming sport brand

The sport brand we have been working on for the past 2 years, is soon to be released.
Suddenly, I get the feeling ”are we really ready now…?”

Guess you will never know, if you are.
You just get started.



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A lot of testing lately, wearing our sport-bra while poledancing, spinny upside down for example. This is really a SNEAK-peak because the only thing you can see is the shoulder, hehe.

Hang tight, soon we will show the full outfit.


Poledance: Shapes

So I was looking for some kind of challenge in pole dance, I couldn’t find one right now so I think I will make one, with new tricks or combos every week for a period of time – maybe 20 weeks.
Good for inspiration, focus when practicing and also challenging.

What I did find was the picture above with some tricks and nice shapes of pole dancing.

A little inspiration for this monday, bring out some moves!


Poledance: Spinny combo, music and app tip!

Here is a little and fun combo to play with on spinny.

Love the song: Lana Del Rey – High by the beach. Old but gold!

Lomotif is an app: music-video maker.

You don’t need to buy the music on itunes, you can use 15 seconds of music from their library.

I often buy songs or record videos with loud music on. As a complement, I really like this app – you can try different combos with different music.


Handstand Goal and ”How to”

Ok so here is my next goal: being able to drag myself upp to a handstand all by myself with no support.

I have been working on this for a while but in desperate need of my hamstring to become better I have let it rest.

Here is how it goes:

1. Place your hands on the floor, spread fingers wide apart and ”grab” the ground.

2. Legs, wide apart as you drag them to you and up, they will make a circle from the ground up to handstand – capish? Remember to lean over. In the video, I’m not doing it right quite yet. I should be able to push back with my upperbody instead of ”falling over” while dragging legs up.

3. Handstand! Find balance. Legs apart an slowly bring them down again.

In the beginning I recommend you to have a workout buddy who supports you when practicing, like in the video. Good luck my friends!


Location: Hemavan

One of my favorite places to be is Hemavan and Tärnaby nearby.
The mountains are just perfect for skiing or going for long rides with the snowmobiles (what we did).


We rented a little cabin this time, on ”hyllan”. Great view and still some snow left around it.


IMG_1105”All together now” trying to do some great poses. (At least we were together)


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Somewhere here, or similar, is were we are meant to be as humans I believe. In alignment with nature, let them free spirits out and get rid of your boxes!


No broken bones this time – Hah! Happy days.




Personal development – a free onlinecourse

Vi tränar våra kroppar. Hur tränar vi våra sinnen?
Sedan jag började med personlig utveckling för drygt ett år sedan så har jag insett otroligt mycket om mig själv – t ex. hur svårt jag hade att göra ett s.k ”agreement” för att bygga förtroende mellan mig och mig själv, hålla mitt ord.

Det handlar om 5-10 minuter per dag (alltså det är löjligt lite) som du ska klocka och göra det du bestämt dig för, varje dag. Det tog många månader innan jag förstod vikten med övningen och faktiskt gjorde det viktigt att hålla mitt ord, till mig själv.

Min resa inom personlig utveckling gör jag med Raymond Ahlgrens kursmaterial.
Han har en Gratis onlinekurs på 4 dagar som jag tycker ALLA borde gå. Oavsett var i livet man befinner sig, personlig utveckling är en färskvara. Ta hand om den! HÄR anmäler du dig.



Pole: Handstand with a twist

What a nice polesession! I’ve been working a lot on my backbends, with yoga and stretching. It seems to be paying off, at least when I did this pole handstand.
Usually I tend to loose balance when I bend my back too much in upside down positions, but not this time.

I will set up a stretch-session in pictures for getting your back really bendy!




Fabqrique Stenugnsbageri – Stockholm and London

Located with around 12 ”fabriques” in Stockholm and 1 in London this is a very cosy and honest café with a simple idea of making better bread for the people.

Besides their good bread, they have seeds of chia made into pudding, porridge of oats and fruits and ofcourse – holy coffee.

Last time I visited them was this weekend for breakfast with my friends. Yum!


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


Power workout playlist and TOP 5! A touch of dubstep

To get at a peak-state of mind while working out whether it’s at the gym or at the studio doing your powerpole warmup or choreography – HERE is the ultimate playlist.

It’s my absolute favourite when I’m feeling a bit lazy or distracted.

Top 5 songs of the playlist 

  1. Sierra Leone – Mt.Eden, Freshly Ground.
    Start your workout with this song, it’s building up in a great way that can’t get your mindset to stay where you were.
  2. Whiskers, Original Mix – Feed Me, Gemini.
    For poledancing this beat is absolute amazing, so many drops and good moments to start a reversegrab or handspring. If not poledancing (yet) – go run with this song!
  3. Take it All – Modestep, Koven.
    Can your body take all of the tough work out? It probably can but how about your mind? This song helps you keep it up.
  4. Make it Bun Dem – Skrillex, Damian Marley.
    When you really want to listen to some kind of reagge but without chilling, haha. This one is IT!
  5. Ghosts n Stuff – deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire.
    End with this, it’s keeps going for about 7 minutes – so when you are tired or feel like quitting, the song won’t let you. 

    Go do them power workouts! 




Some mindful inspiration

Time sometimes tends to run away and slip out of our hands – if you let it.
Don’t forget to stop, breathe and just be present.
Feel your body, where you are. Don’t judge, collect the information and then let it pass.
Taste what you are eating. I mean, really taste it – don’t just chew and take the next bite. Enjoy every bit of it, and be grateful for the moment.

Breathe. Let it slowly fill your lungs, while exhale: let it all out.
Breathe in the good, exhale the negativity.

Live a life worth being in, connect to your true self, everyday. Don’t get to affected by our society and all that it tells you to be and do. Follow your own path, it’s the right one.



Exercise to do with a friend – ABS, BALANCE AND SHOULDERS

Att träna med någon är bland det roligaste som finns!

Denna övning blev något av en favorit för mig och Johanna igår då vi värmde upp i en dryg timme med massor av parövningar för stretch och styrka.

Magmusklerna och axlarna får jobba ordentligt här!

Tänk på att hålla era händer placerade ganska långt ned vid fotlederna så det blir en ordentlig ”box” när ni går upp i sittande/stående position. Sakta upp, sakta ned.

Have fun!





Make your dream come true – 3 simple steps.

If you are gonna go from A to B – you will need to know where that B is for you, right?
If you don’t start, you will get stuck – or just move a little to the side for someone else to get ahead of you – or maybe you will follow their path because is seems easy to just, follow…

But you are not that one. You will make your own path – to your goal.
Here are a few tips.

Step 1 – Figure out where you want to go. What is your desire, your goal, your dream?
Maybe it is traveling to a specific destination, getting your health on top, building a free lifestyle etc.

Step 2 – Get started! There is almost never an easy way. You can do your research, create an action plan to keep it simple and talk about getting there – but nothing will matter unless you just get started.

Step 3 – Keep going. This one can really be a challenge, simply keep going until you’re there. Even though it might make you change your direction a little bit, the road might have changed from how it was when you started. But there will always be a way.
Keep your head up – and always look forward to achieving your dreams.

A story of the mountains magic fresh air against diseases.

I spent this weekend in Tärnaby neraby the mountains with my dear friend Frida (we’re keepin it simple, same name).
We wasn’t going skiing this time but went for long walks on the lake covered by a thick layer of ice.
It was rather cold but I appreciated it a lot, it was refreshing. Also when the sun showed, it was even more welcome.

So I though a lot about the mountains fresh air and their great benefits for our health.

On my last job I had a customer stationed neraby the mountains of Åre, who told me a great story why they moved up there from Stockholm.
Their newborn baby (by then, a few years back) was having big troubles with asthma – they visited the hospital several times every week.
Some time went and they decided to go for a vacation in the mountains to enjoy each others company and ”get away” for a while. What they discovered was that their baby had absolute no symptoms of the asthma – because the air was so fresh and less contaminated.

Their descision afterwards was easy to move up north.

Probably, we all should be free from many kinds of symptoms by different diseases if we only could breath fresh, uncontaminated air – every day…




Pole: My kind of running!

This warm-up or exercise on the pole is so much fun! It feels amazing just running around and around, on the air (better then ”walking on air” – Promise!)
A little dangerous perhaps for the shoulders, you need to constantly push with the lower arm and drag yourself ”up” with the higher one – which tend to get pretty exhaustning after a few spins around the pole – at least for me.

So let’s go weekend and let’s all spin around a pole – ok?!

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