Puma and Adidas – Brothers

Did you know that the founders of the big international companies, Puma and Adidas, are brothers?

Adolf (Adidas) Dassler and Rudolph (Puma) Dassler, grew up in Germany.
They started their business career together with the shared company named Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Company. They complemented eachother well with Rudolph as the salesman and Adolf as the craftsman.
Operating from their mothers laundryroom, the brothers finally succeeded to get the shoes worn and won with at the Olympics in the 1930s – their sales escalated.

Along with their spike of selling, the tension between the brothers also rised.
A mix up with what seems to be grounding in miscommunication, ended in the brothers splitting up.
50/50, the assets and employees of their company – starting their own Adidas and Puma.




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